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Camden Treasure Hunt for Smartphones

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OK, so you have been searching for a while to find a fun and sociable event in London. The Camden treasure hunt could be for you. It is suitable for:

  • Family events
  • Stag and Hen weekends in Camden Town
  • Corporate Events
  • Team Building
  • Club socials

What makes the Camden treasure hunt so flexible?

There are easy clues, hard clues, amusing clues and bizarre clues so it is sutable for all ages and abilities. What’s more,  each clue has a hint so that if no-one in the team twigs the answer, they still have a chance.

It is flexible and can be used at any time during the bithday celebrations, stag or hen event corporate conference, corporate away day or club day out.

For you, the organiser, that means if something else finishes early or late, you don’t have the worry about needing a specific time for your treasure hunt.

The treasure hunt is organised in sections and there are more questions than could possibly be answered in the time available so everyone can be involved the whole time.

There are amusing photo tasks so there will be a brilliant record of the day. The event you have organised will be remembered for all of the right reasons and talked about for a long time afterwards.

But Why Camden?

Put simply, Camden, like the smartphone treasure hunt, offers up something for everyone. London Zoo for the kids, Hampstead Heath and Regent’s park are close by, the market shopping is legendary and the music scene vibrant … not to mention the canal cruises from Walkers Quay, the proximity to Highbury for the football or the Camden Brewery! That is sounding a bit like a tourist brochure I know, but it is that’s why we produced the Camden treasure hunt for smartphones in the first place.

About Camden

In the 1790s, the first Earl Camden decided to raise some money by selling leasholds to build on his land. Prior to that, the area was open fields, part of the Kentish Town manor. There were a couple of coaching inns and some hiywaymen to rob the coaches but that was about it. The plan was hughely successful, in less than 30 years there was a thriving town which eventually became part of greater London.

The coming of the canal and railways ensured the future success of the area and one of the first things that springs to mind about Camden is ‘Camden Lock’. The lock in question was built on the Regent’s Canal which linked the Grand Union with the Thames and made id much easier to transport goods from the Midlands down to London for sale or export.

Naturally, warehouses were constructed alongside the canal but these fell into disuse and disrepair after the second world war. Some of these were bought by 1970s entrepreneurs and some buildings were sub-let as craft units. Soon after, a market was started on Saturdays and the rest, as they say, is history! More buildings were renovated in the 1990s and pedestrian access from the tube station late in the 90s further improved footfall. So successful was the Camden Lock market that several others opened in the area.

What do I need?

Someone in the team needs a smartphone. You then just need the people aand a start/finish location.

Simple as that!